What To Bring To Your Appointment

Printable Forms

New Client Information

Business Consent Form (RC59)

Employment Expenses Form (T2200)

Business Income/Expense Worksheet

Rental Income/Expense Worksheet


Please ensure that you have all of the documentation required to complete your tax return

  • New clients - please bring a copy of the last return you filed 
  • Income slips which are required to be reported to the government such as T4, T5, T3, T4OAS & CPP will be available from CRA once they have been received and uploaded to their database.
  • RRSP receipts, including the amounts contributed in January & February of the current year.
  • Your entire investment package as sent by your investment broker / firm, often the fees charged are overlooked
  • Spousal and/or child support payment amounts either paid or received, along with any supporting documents ie court order, copies of cashed cheques, FRO documents, etc.
  • Student tuition (T2202A) forms must be downloaded from the student's school website. Foreign tuition forms (TL11A) for students attending university outside of Canada can be found here on the CRA website.
  • If claiming Transport Employment Meal Allowance, or Employment Expenses make sure that your TL2 or T2200 has been completed and signed by your employer.
  • Teachers/Educators expenses for the credit must totaled to a maximum of $1000 along with a signed letter from the school board you are working for and your teacher's certification.
  • Moving expenses if you have moved over 40 kms closer for new employment or schooling.
  • Medical receipts must exceed 3% of taxable income to be a deductible expense. A year end summary may be obtained from most health care providers, including the pharmacy to assist in tallying of receipts. 
  • Charitable donations (which may accumulate for up to 5 years)
  • Property taxes, rent and / or nursing home fees paid
  • If you have sold a principal residence during 2016 or later tax years, you will need to report the year the property was purchased and selling price
  • In order change or set up new direct deposit with CRA, make sure to bring cheque or direct deposit form from the bank

For Estate Returns:

  • Estate Trust Returns are due March 31
  • A copy of the Death Certificate & Will
  • Representative Authorization can only submitted by mail and will take up to 30 days to be registered with CRA

Corporate Returns:

  • Previously filed tax return
  • Accounting statements with current years receipts

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